How do I use HRC brand or Toppik or Hair fibres?

1.  Best results are achieved when the hair thickening fibres are applied on dry hair.  Use a styling brush to expose or separate the areas that concern you,  sprinkle, using the shaker container into the area and slowly and gently pat down to disperse the fibres.

2. Hold the container 4-6 cms above the area you would like thickened.  For small areas,  hold the container directly over the target area.

3.  Shake the container and apply the preferred brand of fibres liberally to the target areas.  To target areas at the back of the head, tilt head forward and apply the fibres liberally,  move the container in a circular motion while applying to ensure complete and even coverage at the back of the head.  If there are stray fibres on your skin or clothing, dust off lightly with a towel to remove them.  It won’t stain,  it’s just like a very fine dust.

4.  On the frontal areas,  place your hand over forehead and cover approximately 2 or 3 cm from the beginning of the hairline to prevent ant fibres from getting onto your forehead and to create a gradual thickening appearance at the hairline.

5.  Once sufficient fibres have been applied, brush through lightly and style with a loose bristle brush.  If further thickening is desired,  re-apply.  Pat the treated area lightly to disperse the fibres.

6.  After desired thickness and style has been achieved,  you can apply a light misting of hair spray to fix your style more securely.

What colours do HRC brand and Toppik  come in?

They are currently all available in Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Sandy Blonde, Light Blonde, Auburn, white and grey.

How do I know what colour fibres will work best for me?

The best results are achieved my matching your exact shade, or a slightly darker shade than your natural hair colour. See the colour chart on various pages of this website for guidance.

Are there any active ingredients in HRC or Toppik?

No, Each brand is an all-natural product.  The ingredients contained in all are as follows. Keratin, Silica (less than 1%) and various colours to create shading.  They are all 99% Organic Keratin.

Is each brand indicated safe to use with other topical hair loss treatments?

Since they each are an all-natural complex of organic protein. It is completely safe to use with topical hair loss treatments such as monoxidil.  Just use your favorite topical treatment,  allow your hair to dry and apply your preferred brand of hair fibres for a great looking head of hair every time.

HRC and Toppik are both recommended by many hair transplant surgeons to their clients because it is completely safe and it works extremely well on hair transplants.  Even if you’ve just had hair transplant surgery,  These fibres will completely eliminate the appearance of any temporary post operative thinning, scabs or scars.

Are they all safe to use every day and will prolonged use irritate my scalp?

Yes, they are safe to use, being an all-natural product, they do not contain any active ingredients than can possibly interact with or irritate the scalp.

Can I sleep with any of these fibres in my hair or does it need to be washed out every night?

Yes, you can leave them in your hair overnight.  You may find a few stray fibres on your pillow case the following morning,  we suggest using a darker colour pillow case and the small number of stray fibres will not be noticeable at all. Another tip is to try and shake any loose fibres in your sink before bed time if you use a lot of fibres.

If someone looks at my scalp closely or runs their hand through my hair will these fibres become noticeable?

No, once you have brushed them in it will be completely undetectable,  even from a few centremeters away,  it is extremely difficult to notice. We’ve had clients who reported going to the barber with hair thickening fibres in their hair and have not had their barber notice anything unusual at all.

If my hair gets wet or I get caught in the rain will the fibres run, stain or smear?

Because of it’s micro composition,  once applied,  the fibres bond to your own “Vellus” and thinning hair so securely that even strong blowing wind or heavy rain will not cause it to move, run, stain or smear,  yet it washes out easily with practically any shampoo.

Question: What degree of baldness or thinning can these fibres effectively conceal?

All of the recommended hair thickening fibres sold by Hair Regrowth Consultancy work extremely well on diffuse thinning and on thinning patterns in the Norwood scale which range from 1-5. Hair fibres will not assist in those areas that are completely devoid of hair growth.