Hair loss solutions

Hair building fibres for Men and Women

At Hair Regrowth Consultancy, we offer all hair and hair loss solutions for males and females. Our modern, total hair care clinic is in a totally private and confidential environment. Hair loss solutions include surgical, non surgical and successful medical regrowth programs.

Our services include every aspect of anything to do with hair loss including the ultimate in modern surgical hair transplantation (FUG/FUSS and FUE), recognised worldwide at the only permanent solution for hair-loss.

Effective hair loss treatments

The latest techniques of modern hair transplantation are extremely effective. Performed correctly, with experienced and reputable surgeons, hair can be restored to bald and balding areas of the scalp in various degrees of density, giving back a feeling of self-confidence to those suffering the indignity of hair-loss.

Being a very experienced team, each with well over 20 years experience including Trichologist Geoff Smith, hair transplant surgeon Dr Christopher Leat and specialist hair transplantation consultants Mark Smith and Barry Edmonds along with an efficient and caring team of technicians and therapists, we all contribute to an efficient and patient-friendly team.  In addition, we offer PRP (Platelet Rich Plazma therapy) and a fully equipped hair salon, including hair extensions; a private salon for laser (LLLT) treatment programs and scalp massage; a specialist cosmetic tattoo technician to camouflage scalp scarring, thinning and balding scalp hair; artificial hair implants; laser hair removal and a host of other services to do with hair care including Medici Capelli hair regrowth products HRC and Toppik .

Hair thickening fibres

Toppik “magical” hair thickening fibres give an instant and undetectable appearance of a full head of hair in 10 to 20 seconds. Toppik creates a “magical” transformation from the appearance of thinning and balding hair into an undetectable and natural looking full head of hair in 10 to 20 seconds. It is not affected by wind, rain or perspiration and will not stain clothing if accidentally spilled. It washes out completely with any shampoo. Buy now

Hair Loss Advice

If you would like an unbiased point of view as to the best advice on your hair loss concerns and what type of treatment would best meet those concerns, please feel free to contact us to arrange a free consultation at our clinic at a time convenient to you. For those where the tyranny of distance does not make this an option, we can arrange for an on-line assessment. In that instance, we would need some photos of the area of concern either emailed or via SMS text message.

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For a personal consultation or an on-line assessment, please call our Gold Coast office on 0418 756 717 or email