“Hi Barry,
You weren’t lying when you said that “HRC” was an excellent product. I’ve been a reasonably loyal user of another brand for many years and have tried a few others due to their premium price, however, I have had always gone back to it. I can safely say that you will have a loyal client in me for the HRC product, it’s fantastic!”
– Julian.   Sydney

“I am really pleased with the results. I have the natural look I wanted, but just haven’t been able to achieve as well with any other hair loss concealer that I’ve tried.  I am now encouraged to try some of your other hair care products. “
– Eric P   NSW. 

“The other day I got caught in a serious rain storm with a lot of strong winds, I was afraid that using the hair building fibers  might run and embarrass me, but it didn’t run at all, my hair was soaked but it still looked thick and most importantly completely natural”
– David C. 

“I tried desperately not to let my hair loss bother me, but inevitably, my visible scalp became a problem. Since I started using your hair fibre product I don’t think about my hair loss any more, my self-esteem and youthful vigour has returned.”
– Anne Mc D.   Nth Queensland

“I couldn’t believe how different HRC is from all the other products I have tried previously, it’s like night and day, and the best part of all is how simple it is to use, no fuss no muss, it only takes me a few minutes in the morning”
– Carly M.  Gold Coast

“Being female, I was totally devastated when my hair began to thin out after childbirth. I was told by my doctor,  that it was probably only temporary. However, it has not improved until I successfully tried your hair fibers and after applying them when I go out socially, I have now regained confidence in my hair appearing to be full and thick. None of my friends or new aquaintances are any the wiser.”                        – Emma J. Melbourne

“Cosmetically speaking,  your hair fibres are the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. My friends and family can’t believe their own eyes. The incredible change in my appearance has had such a positive effect on my social life. I am so much more confident, relaxed and happy, thank you so much!”
– Michael S. W.A.

“I simply can’t believe how completely undetectable these fibers are. Nobody can tell that I’m using it, not even my barber. The other day after he gave me a hair cut he remarked on how much thicker my hair looks and asked me what I did? I’ve since told him and he was amazed and happy to tell other clients with the same concerns. He said that he would contact you as a reseller.”
– Ron M.