HRC and Toppik Hair Building Fibres

HRC brand and Toppik hair building fibres (fibers) are manufactured for Hair Regrowth Consultancy from the highest quality blend of enhanced electro-statically charged, 100%, natural, organic, Moroccan cotton based keratin and have been included in our range of hair care and regrowth products.

HRC and Toppik create a “magical” transformation from the appearance of thinning and balding hair into an undetectable and natural looking full head of hair in 10 to 20 seconds. It is not affected by wind, rain or perspiration and will not stain clothing if accidentally spilled. It washes out completely with any shampoo.

Because HRC and Toppik are natural, organic products, they will not irritate or create an allergic reaction to a sensitive scalp. However, should any irritation occur, discontinue use and contact Hair Regrowth Consultancy.

We stock both brands because of their subtle differences that may suit individual personalities.

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There are 8 colours plus white available to suit all hair shades.

A 100% satisfaction or a money-back guarantee applies to all Hair Regrowth Consultancy products.

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Showing all 10 results